PHP/Mysql Powered

You don't need to edit HTML files, just a database

  1. Powered by PHP/Mysql.
  2. Easy to use dashboard.
  3. Login/Logout.
FaucetList API

Get your FaucetList automatically filled with new faucets every day.

Feature Rich
  1. All Faucethub Currencies Supported.
  2. Dynamic Faucet details (Can be written).
  3. Easy to add/edit/delete faucets.
  4. Announcements System.
  5. "Report Faucet" Function.
  6. Ready ad spots.
  7. And More..
Easy To Use Dashboard

Amazing and simple user interface.

See Demo


  • Two themes to choose from.
  • You can make your own.

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FaucetDB script installation is so easy:

  1. Upload the content of the script to your server using FTP.
  2. open "config/connectdb.php" and write your database credentials.
  3. Point your browser to http://<yourwebsite>/manager/install.php".
  4. Fill all the fields and you're good to go.
  5. Installation Complete.